Buying a Beach Cruiser

Unlike most bikes, the beach cruiser bike was specifically designed to be comfortable while riding. The bikes upright riding position and wide cushioned seats are what makes comfort possible. Although the designs may be similar, not all beach cruisers are made the same.

You want a bike that fits your style and personality as well as offering the highest quality available. There is a difference between a $100 bike and a $300 bike. The best bikes are built with superior materials and high standards of workmanship allowing these manufacturers to offer a lifetime warranty on many componants.

Bike Options/Support

  • Bike Accessories

    Don't forget to accessorize your beach cruiser. Many options are available for convenience, safety, and simply to express your individuality. Accessories include fenders in a variety of colors, reflectors, baskets, helmets, racks, pedals, grips, cup holders, valve caps, horns, and a whole lot more.

  • Dealer Support

    When you finally purchase your new beach cruiser, you want total support from the dealer and manufacturer. If you need help with assembling your bike or you need advice for a minor adjustment or repair, your dealer should provide a mechanic to assist you so you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • Product/Service 3

    So get ready to roll with your new beach cruiser. You'll find a wide variety of beach cruiser bicycles available but only a few that are built to high standards and can provide support. Some retailers even allow you to take your brand new beach crusier out for a spin before deciding to buy it. You have nothing to lose.